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Sooner or later the time comes for everyone to change their car. For some, the decision is motivated by the changing needs of the family, for others the replacement is simply dictated by the fact that the car has become old or has come a long way. Regardless of the reasons for the choice, the transfer of the car should never be taken lightly whether you decide to give it in trade-in to a dealer or sell it privately, but with organization and awareness you can simplify the process and get the most profit possible.

In this exclusive guide we will try to give you the right advice

Researching the value of your car

To avoid putting your car on sale at a price that is too high, or too low, it’s always important to make a proper evaluation of the car. For this reason it is always advisable to make a comparison on the various dedicated sites, paying particular attention not only to the year of production, but also to the engine, the kilometers driven and the optional extras. Finally, remember that a complete documentation related to the maintenance interventions can be an extra card to play to raise the price in the negotiation.
One of the most common mistakes is to “copy” the price of another private seller who owns a vehicle “equal” to yours, perhaps with a few more or less kilometers.
Do not make this mistake, to have a good average weighted selling price you need at least 25 cars similar to ours, if your car there are few examples is a negative signal, your car may not have market and consequently the price proposed by those few would be unbelievable.
Alternatively, you can evaluate your car by taking as a reference the evaluation of specialized magazines, if in doubt you could also ask a professional evaluation of a used car, in short, there are alternatives just choose the best one.

Care of the aesthetic aspect

A car that looks good always makes a better impression. Before submitting it to the scrutiny of potential buyers is appropriate to proceed to a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior, without neglecting the engine compartment. You can decide whether to hire a professional or do it yourself, even at coin-operated DIY car washes. Evaluate all minor and major damage to the body and interior and determine whether or not it should be restored. After cleaning, the car should be treated with special products to improve cosmetics. Then space to polish the body, sprays to revive the black of the plastics (both external and internal) and waxes for the tires. The upholstery should also be treated with special cleaners for carpets and seat fabrics. Here there is a golden rule: before using the product extensively, test it on a hidden edge in order to avoid discoloration or stains. Leather is a different matter: if it is really worn, there is little you can do by yourself. But if it’s just dirt or a few too many wrinkles, special cleaners and creams can work (almost) miracles. Once the cleaning phase is over, it’s time to decide which defects should be eliminated. Let’s say right away that all superficial scratches on the bodywork or a slight chipping (can be treated without resorting to the help of a coachbuilder. If, however, there are also dents or classic vandalism that have cut deep into the paint, you need to get a quote from the repairer.


For an ad to be attractive to a potential buyer, it is essential that it is accompanied by photos. Although the latest generation of smartphones have cameras of a certain level, if you own a compact digital camera use it: you will have more control over lighting and exposure. The photos you take are the showcase of your offer, the business card of the machine. In addition to the classic shots (three-quarter front and rear, front, side and overview of the interior) also include detailed photos of some details such as the dashboard (with mileage), the dashboard and the center console with the gearshift. In addition, it seems that pictures of all the items that we give away with the car are also appreciated: owner’s manual, double keys, immobilizer codes, reflective vest and so on. If you have a spare tire and have never used it, take a picture of it: it will make a good impression. Remember, there is a golden rule: it is better to have good photos of a car with some flaws than bad photos of a perfect car.

Sale announcement

What is the best sales channel for the motorist who wants to sell his car privately? Undoubtedly the Internet and the sites specialized in buying and selling used cars. Both those specialized in cars and the generic ones. Both are important for the visibility of the advertisement. Since a detailed description will leave a good first impression and help attract more buyers, the advice is to make sure the vehicle description is as accurate as possible. Then the seller, once a basis for negotiation has been defined, can fill out the online ad, including photos and describing all the features of the car, the strong points and the less rewarding ones. Very important is to specify aspects that are usually overlooked. For example, if the car belongs to a non-smoker, if you own servants and if you can prove, the previous maintenance carried out. Also write if the car is usually kept in the garage, if a set of winter tires is also given; if the car mounts aftermarket accessories. And don’t forget to indicate if you are the first owner. Once you have written the ‘online ad, be ready to respond to requests that will not be long in coming. Answer any questions by email or phone and set up appointments for serious buyers only, being very careful to avoid the scams that are commonplace.
Set your own guidelines for determining legitimate candidates. Before scheduling the appointment:
Always ask for the first and last name of the interested party.
Be very clear about the forms of payment you are willing to accept.
Determine if the buyer is in your area. Domestic sales or worse foreign sales will complicate the process, especially if the buyer does not plan to view the vehicle.

Negotiation and Sale

Once the negotiation has been completed and the used car has been shown, perhaps more than once to the same buyer, the time will come to negotiate the price. If the counterpart is ready for negotiation, you should not be afraid to evaluate some counter offers, there will be hardly a downward negotiation, but if you really want to sell the used car you will have to compromise “settling” for a lower closing price than the one requested.
When negotiating, it is a good idea to have an initial price that is higher than what you are willing to accept so that you have room to negotiate.
At the time of closing, it is essential that the buyer and seller draw up a bill of sale. This is the document that certifies the sale of the vehicle and that contains the identification details of the seller and the buyer and the amount paid for the purchase of the car. Then the signatures of the parties have to be authenticated.

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