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Dog insurance: security for your four-legged friend and for you.

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Has your dog tried to bite someone in the past, and are you afraid he might do it again, getting you into trouble? Would you like to protect yourself financially from any accidents or illnesses that require surgery for your four-legged friend? Today it’s very simple, thanks to the many types of policies that insurance companies offer.

In this article we will outline some sound reasons why insuring your pet is a wise investment, and provide the right advice on how to take out the right policy for your needs.
Because of their size, their exuberance, their protective instincts and the fact that they spend a lot of time outside the home, dogs are by far the pet most prone to the problem of damage to third parties. Precisely for this reason the owner of the dog should be induced to take out insurance, protecting himself from claims for damages caused by the dog to third persons or things. Moreover, our pet, in the course of its life, can have some health problems, which require expensive veterinary cares and the stipulation of a policy can put the owner to shelter from excessive unforeseen expenses.

What does dog insurance cover?

Generally, pet insurance can cover three different issues:

  • Third Party Damage: No matter how good our puppy is, there is always the risk that he will jump into the middle of a road to chase a cat. What if, in doing so, he knocks over a cyclist or causes an accident? Or what if, during a fight, he seriously hurt another dog? Or what if it bites someone or knocks them over? In all of these cases, without dog insurance you can find yourself paying very expensive claims. On the other hand, if the dog is insured, the owner is protected even in case of physical and moral injuries and even death. Some insurances go as far as covering damages caused by the animal to its owner’s children. This type of policy the owner is also protected in case of physical and moral injuries and even death. At the same time, we can also receive assistance in case our dog is attacked by people or other animals.
  • Legal protection: if the owner receives complaints for damages caused by his dog or if he has to carry on a dispute with the person or the owner of the animal that attacked his dog, the insurance will cover the expenses of a lawyer.
  • Veterinary protection: in case of illness or accident suffered by your dog, the expenses of the veterinarian can be very high. This type of coverage allows you to have the certainty of taking care of your faithful friend in the best possible way, even in case of surgery, including the cost of hospitalization, treatments, physiotherapy and other forms of assistance.

How much does it cost to insure your dog?

Depending on the needs of the owner and the characteristics of the dog, the various policies will have different costs. Significant factors when it comes to dogs are breed and size. Insurance for a small, tame poodle will necessarily be lower than that of a large Rottweiler, which has an instinct and size that make it more likely to bite someone (or even just accidentally drop it). Age is the determining factor when insuring for veterinary expenses, as a younger animal is less likely to get sick.
Dogs approaching old age are generally excluded from insurance coverage, as these animals are more likely to suffer health problems.
Some policies also foresee the possibility of paying a lower premium if our dog has been particularly “good”, on the contrary a higher premium if the dog has been protagonist of aggressive episodes in the past.

If you are interested in taking out an insurance policy for your dog, consult one of the many offers present online or ask your insurance company if it offers this service.

Published: 1/24/2022From: Alessandro

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