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The choice of the right car insurance is never easy for a driver, who is always looking for a policy that can make him save money without sacrificing the guarantees that best suit the profile of the insured.
In order to choose the best online car insurance it is convenient to follow some small and practical tips. There are many online insurance companies operating on the market. How to juggle between the many offers? What you need to know before taking out a car insurance policy? None of us has a magic wand, but there are some useful tips that can guide us towards the best choice.
Best does not only mean cheaper. In fact, it is necessary to evaluate, in addition to the price of insurance, also the services offered.

Compare different car insurance quotes online

The first tip to find the cheapest online car insurance on the market is to compare the rates charged by the various companies. The insurance companies that operate online tend to charge lower prices than traditional insurance companies, because with the elimination of branch offices they are able to significantly reduce management costs. In this way they can lower the final insurance premium for the same services rendered.
In addition, there are many operators in the online car insurance market. Some operate exclusively online, other companies, however, operate both through agencies in the territory that through the web. Often the online price is lower than the agency price.
In order to obtain a large number of quotes, the best solution is to use online rate comparators, which have become popular in recent years due to their ease of use.
All you have to do is enter the vehicle data, your own, those of your regular drivers and the services required. The system in a few seconds will provide you with the results with the best online insurance proposals and the details of the offers.
In this way you can compare the various results and, if you are satisfied, proceed to the purchase of the policy.

What promotions can be found?

If you intend to take out a car insurance policy it is always worthwhile to read up on the various offers on the online market, in fact many companies periodically practice promotions reserved for new customers, sometimes extended to customers who are in the process of renewing their car policy.
These promotions may consist of discounts on the policy or extra services, or vouchers for the purchase of products and services.
Sometimes discounts are offered on services such as Kasko, legal protection, extra coverage, roadside assistance, theft and fire, social and weather phenomena, etc. … In some cases these services are also offered free of charge.
In order to get a cheaper insurance there is also the possibility to evaluate the installation of the black box, a device that collects a series of data related to the driving style of the driver, the behavior of the car and to make clearer the dynamics of a possible accident. The installation of the black box allows you to obtain a cost reduction that varies on average between 20 and 30% compared to what you paid without the device.

Know your car usage and driving style well

There is no rule that applies to everyone in the choice of car insurance. It is decisive in the evaluation of the most convenient policy a good assessment of the use of the car that you plan to do, in addition to the characteristics of the vehicle itself.
How many kilometers do you do in a year? Do you drive on dangerous roads? Do you use your car for leisure, to go to work or do you have mixed use?
All of this information can be crucial in determining your premium.
So think about the services you really need and those that could be really useful.
In fact, you may only need a good, cheap basic car insurance policy, or it may even be worth adding something extra to get, for example, roadside assistance.
Or, for those who use the car for a short period of time (a month or a single season), the cheapest solution may be a time-based insurance, which guarantees coverage during the period you intend to use the policy.
By being clear about your needs, you can then assess which is actually the best choice.

Save money with annual car insurance policies

A rule of thumb for saving money, which applies to both traditional and online insurance, is to prefer an annual car insurance policy with one-off payment.
However, the companies offer the possibility to pay the premium in two semi-annual installments, but this normally involves a surcharge.
It is therefore necessary to evaluate which is the best choice taking into account this option.

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