How to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price

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Are you thinking of selling your home, perhaps to move to a bigger one? Know, then, that you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. Selling a home is not an easy thing to do, especially if you intend to do it quickly and at the highest possible price. Not being able to place a home quickly or, more frequently, being forced to sell off your assets for lack of offers that meet your needs, is a real risk when trying to sell a property.
In this article, we will look at some fundamental tips to help you best sell your home in a reasonable time frame.

Define the right price of the house for sale

The first critical issue you need to address is that of a correct property valuation.
The right evaluation of your home is essential. First of all it is good to know that the price of a house is not only defined by the surface of the house but it also depends on other factors, such as the internal characteristics (exposure, rationality of the spaces, view, finishes, etc.), the state of maintenance of the systems and the presence of the services in the area such as parks, public transport and schools. 
By going to the various listing sites you can find out the valuation per square meter of sale in your area and get an approximate figure, then comparing the sales ads that more or less resemble yours for number of rooms, floor and other data, arrive at a fair figure. However, it is advisable to use the opinion of a professional, a real estate agent or an appraiser, who can give a realistic and objective estimate of the value of the property, especially if to be sold is a home to which you are emotionally attached, which could lead the seller to overestimate the property.
Starting with a competitive but not low selling price is the first step to selling your home quickly and without unpleasant surprises. While the general rule of thumb would be to start with a price slightly lower than the value of the home in order to attract more potential buyers, this is not the best way to go in all cases. 

Consider a minor renovation

Given the abundance of properties for sale at all price points, both new construction and used, be very impartial in your judgment and ask yourself if there is anything that would deter a potential buyer in any way.
Therefore, make minor home repairs prior to viewings:
and there’s a light bulb to be replaced in the bathroom, or the doors and windows to be oiled so they don’t squeak and give off an old feeling, take care of them as soon as possible. And don’t forget to paint the house. Nothing gives an impression of new and cared for like a recently painted home.
These are small jobs that don’t take an inordinate amount of time and can give you an important advantage when potential buyers come to view your home.

Presenting your home at its best: homestaging and attention to detail

In general, the first step for any potential buyer is an online search. Home seekers want to have as much information as possible before they visit. So you’ll need to be as specific as possible about the area, relevant features or details of the house or neighborhood, and most importantly put up photos of both the house and the exterior.
Without this information, potential clients will move on. So take good pictures with optimal light, a bright house has a major competitive advantage over poorly lit apartments. Give breath to the spaces: free the rooms of excess furniture, try to remove all that is personal in the house, the furnishings, photos and memories take away space making the rooms seem smaller and distract the visitor.
If the rooms are small, avoid taking a photo that captures everything, concentrate instead on the most important details and above all make sure you clean every corner of the house to perfection. The photos must give the idea of a catalog.
Some listing sites also allow you to post short videos that allow a 360-degree view of the house and are much appreciated. If you are not able to do it all by yourself with a small investment you can rely on a professional expert in home staging that will make an entire photo shoot to your home and if necessary make temporary changes to make it even more beautiful and speed up the time of sale.
Often it is the first impression that determines the success of a sale. 

Consider selling privately or through a real estate agency

Both are valid choices, depending on the time you can dedicate to the sale and how quickly you want to close.
The agency of course has its costs, which may increase if you decide to have extra services such as home staging or if you want your ad to have a privileged position on the various real estate sales sites.
The advantage of relying on an agency is that it does all the work that you would otherwise have to do yourself, such as advertising the sale and looking for the interested buyer. It will also set a fair price and have prospective buyers view the home. You will follow all the way from the proposed purchase to the actual deed of sale.

How to sell your home quickly and without risk, then? Ultimately, placing the property in the right way on the real estate market and not being unprepared for requests for documents, explanations and curiosity on the part of the buyer.

Published: 2022-01-21From: Alessandro

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