Mesothelioma-related lawsuits and compensations

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Why is mesothelioma often a work-related disease?

Mesothelioma is a work-related disease precisely because some time ago it was particularly common to use asbestos in the construction sector. At that time, the safety measures, which today are fundamental, were not used to the fullest extent.

This is precisely the reason why mesothelioma is particularly common today in all companies that carry out this type of work carelessly and without protective measures. If this is the case, any lawsuits will have to be brought against the employer.

Mesothelioma lawsuits

Many lawsuits have been filed due to the occurrence of mesothelioma, and given the serious reasons for this, it is possible to identify certain rights for all victims of this disease.

We therefore mention some of the INAIL benefits, such as compensation and early retirement for work-related causes. Consequently, if the person has died, he/she can obtain a survivor’s pension.

In addition, compensation for damages will be determined by the appropriate bodies.

Statistics on mesothelioma-related causes in the USA and worldwide
Mesothelioma-related lawsuits have been steadily increasing over a period of time. We are talking about the years when the use of asbestos was permitted and the years immediately following its total removal.
Over time, there have been a number of rights that have been designed for all mesothelioma victims, and it is vital that these are brought to light so that we can obtain the justice we deserve.

To date, statistics certainly show a gradual decrease in the number of mesothelioma-related cases, both in Italy and in the rest of the world, precisely because all possible DIY removals, resulting in damage, cannot be regulated because they are irregular and, if carried out incorrectly, can be truly dangerous.

The conclusions of the article
So here we are at the end of our article, in which we were able to find out a few more details about mesothelioma, which is indeed among the diseases for which there are more causes for certain categories of workers, including all those who have contact with asbestos fibres without proper protection, as well as those who work every day with ionised radiation, again due to lack of safety measures.

We hope that this content has been really useful in understanding a few more details about mesothelioma, and we would like to stress once again the importance of discussing the issue with those in charge, such as lawyers, if you intend to take legal action, but above all with a specialised doctor if you suspect the onset of mesothelioma. Remember that early diagnosis is the key to therapeutic success, so it is vital to catch the disease early.

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