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Online Couples Therapy: How It Works

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All romantic relationships change over time; there is no such thing as a relationship that remains unchanged despite the passage of years. But why? The answer is simple: as the two partners get to know each other better, even their initial feelings change: if at the beginning it was a matter of falling in love (the classic “butterflies in the stomach”) and emotions dictated by novelty, with time the initial feelings turn into love, or a deeper feeling that highlights the true “being” of the other, which slowly begins to “materialise” without any idealisation. In the course of time, a stable and long-lasting couple goes through important life events (think of the birth of a child that can alter the couple’s balance, of economic problems or the management of the family economy), events that can provoke a marriage crisis, even a very strong one, a change in the relationship that can even lead to a crisis that seems impossible to overcome. Before making the painful decision to break up, however, many couples decide to embark on ‘couple therapy’ to try to ‘save’ their union. However, not everyone knows what it consists of, what it entails and how the various sessions in front of the specialist take place. Let us therefore look at some useful information that can help couples make an informed choice in an attempt to understand each other’s mistakes and rediscover harmony as a couple.

About Online Couples Therapy

Moreover, in recent years, due to the hectic life and the limited time available to devote to personal matters, requests to start ‘online psychotherapy’ are becoming more and more frequent. This is a very particular way of meeting with a specialist: patients and colleagues connect simultaneously in a ‘virtual room’ to carry out their therapeutic work. This mode of intervention is also used for families, groups and couples who wish to benefit from the advantages of online therapy. Online therapy is particularly advantageous when there is no time to physically visit a specialist, or when the two partners are in a long-distance relationship, e.g. in different cities. Online couples therapy is no different from face-to-face therapy, only the way in which the patient and therapist interact, which is mediated via a screen, changes. Many couples today choose this “innovative” method to solve their relationship problems, especially because it is characterised by flexibility and elasticity: the two partners can in fact also connect from different locations, for example one at home and the other at work. This tool allows the same results to be obtained as with an in-person couple therapy course, while meeting the different needs of the two partners. The method of meeting, the timing and the path to be followed are decided in synergy, based on the needs of the couple and the evaluations of the specialist.

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