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Today’s global health emergency, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has highlighted the importance of receiving the right treatment in a timely manner. Although many countries have a national health service, many people decide to protect themselves further with a private health insurance policy and, now more than ever, this is a wise choice. The main reasons for the exponential growth of private health insurance are long waiting times and the fact that some medical services are not covered or are expensive within the national health system.
Private health insurance is therefore the perfect choice for those who wish to be treated privately by a professional, obtaining immediate and constant service, even in the event of serious problems, with full or partial reimbursement of costs.

How to choose the best health insurance

Let’s start by saying that there is perhaps no absolute best or most advantageous health insurance for everyone, but in general, some common considerations can be made.
In order to choose the health insurance policy that best suits your needs, the first thing to do is to understand what type of cover you actually need. It is important to carefully assess your state of health, based on the problems and illnesses that occur most frequently, taking into account the type of health professionals you consult most often (general practitioners or specialists). In fact, your private health policy should provide for the reimbursement of the medical expenses to which you are most frequently exposed and which exceed the reimbursement of the national health insurance.
Then you need to know the types of medical policies that exist and are available and then take a look at the products offered by the various insurance companies and their costs.
At this point, all you have to do is look for the best health insurance by comparing different quotes. Thanks to online comparators, you will be able to find the health insurance that combines affordability and optimal coverage.
After an in-depth analysis of the quote and the insurance companies involved, you can choose the health insurance that best suits you, maximising savings and benefits.

Types of health insurance policies

Private health insurance can be of various types, each of which has cover for every need.
In general, a distinction can be made between indemnity, reimbursement and permanent disability private health insurance and private travel insurance.

Indemnity health insurance
Indemnities are policies that are taken out in order to receive a fixed sum for each day of hospitalisation and, if necessary, also for the days of convalescence after an accident or illness. Indemnity policies also provide compensation for plaster casts due to bone fractures and for any loss of earnings resulting from the inability to work as an in-patient or convalescent.

Reimbursement insurance
Reimbursement insurance is a health insurance policy that reimburses the beneficiary for medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident or illness. Reimbursement can be partial or full depending on what was agreed in the contract at the outset.

Private disability policies
Private permanent disability policies give the beneficiary financial compensation that is calculated in proportion to the degree of disability. However, the disability must exceed at least a predetermined threshold in order to be paid out.

Travel health insurance
These are essential when travelling, as safety and health come first.

Excluded cases

Of course, this type of policy has some exclusions, i.e. cases that are not covered and that you should always consider before taking out the policy.
These include: correction of physical defects, cosmetic surgery, rare diseases such as Aids, schizophrenia and other pathological conditions, consequences of alcohol, drug and psychotropic drug abuse, voluntary non-therapeutic abortions and dietary treatment.
If the illness or its causes were present prior to taking out the policy, it will not be possible to take out the policy and thus obtain cover.

This is the main reason why insurance companies ask the insured to undergo certain medical examinations before signing the contract.
This is normal, since the main objective of this type of health insurance policy is to protect a risk that has not yet occurred, rather than an event that has already occurred.
It is therefore very important to be careful to declare a true medical history, otherwise you risk not being able to benefit from the health policy at the very moment when the need for which you paid the premiums arises.

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