Why buy a hybrid vehicle today?

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Hybrids have been popular with the public since their early days: their dual nature as an electric motor and internal combustion engine is perfect for long journeys and city traffic where you’ll spend a lot of time standing still.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV): what is it?

Hybrid vehicles

What does plug-in hybrid vehicle mean? This definition refers to vehicles powered by ordinary internal combustion engines and batteries charged through a plug. These vehicles, also known as PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles), can be charged at home or through their own charging stations, sometimes without any financial outlay, the cost of which is charged by the authorities.

Plug-in hybrid vehicle battery charging times vary by battery type. If you’re wondering which hybrid car to buy in 2021, it’s worth considering various characteristics: from charging time to autonomy time in pure electric mode. The best models of plug-in hybrids Combined with the PHEV models on the market, 10 models were selected to select the best plug-in hybrid models in terms of cruising range, cost, and the type of fully automatic driving in electric mode. In order to understand which plug-in hybrid car is best for you, we should not underestimate the tastes and needs of every individual, individual or family member who uses the car for short or long trips.

Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Tsi eHybrid

The Golf 1.4 Tsi eHybrid is definitely an option if you want a luxury sedan with a modern and attractive design, both in and out of town. The German car, which costs around 40,000 euros, is very reliable, with a hybrid electric motor with a battery that guarantees a range of nearly 70 kilometers in electric mode alone.

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 Phev

The new SUV Tucson 1.6 Phev from Korean manufacturer Hyundai has a range of around 62 kilometers and starts at 44,000 euros. Six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive, suitable for true driving enthusiasts on any terrain, with environmental impact in mind.

Mercedes B-Class 250 Plug-In Hybrid

Another admirable German offering is the Mercedes B-Class 250 and plug-in hybrid family cars like the Golf, with an electric range of 70 kilometers and a price of around 51,000 euros.

Toyota Rav4 Plugin

Toyota, the world’s first manufacturer to launch a hybrid vehicle brand, has updated its brand’s crown jewel, the plug-in SUV Rav4, at a base price of 55,000 euros, boosting the electric motor’s range to 75 kilometers.

BMW 225xe plug-in hybrid

As one of the best PHEV cars, the BMW 225xe plug-in hybrid has a certain aesthetic and surprising technical characteristics. The rear-wheel-drive electric motor has a range of up to 57 kilometers, and the base model, which starts at 39,000 euros, is sure to appeal to many. Audi A3 Sportback Tfsi Another model celebrating the sports car is that of the German giant Audi: the A3 Sportback Tfsi e, the brand’s plug-in hybrid as it is called, offers two types of hybrid powertrains with a range of 67 kilometers for the price of From EUR 40,000.

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