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Covid-19 has put a strain on our family, professional and sometimes social relationships, but it has rediscovered the value of an asset that the new generations had almost allowed to take a back seat: the home. Not that it wasn’t before, but with the pandemic it has taken on the role of the bulwark of a stability that was too undermined.
The home is the place that holds memories and objects, which represent an important emotional value, and where we can find security and certainty, but at the same time it is also a place of risk, which exposes us to dangers that we all too often overlook and that we should instead evaluate before they become a problem. Just think of a water leak or a short circuit, a domestic accident or a theft: all events that could have serious and costly consequences. In spite of everything, however, few people decide to take out a policy that protects their home from all risks and dangers.

A home insurance policy is a coverage that indemnifies against damages by reducing or eliminating the expenses involved in the occurrence of adverse events. It goes without saying that the damage must not be caused by negligence or carelessness, and must instead concern the structure of the property or the goods contained therein, but also damage to third parties caused by the insured or a family member.

Let’s see in detail what a policy can include and what aspect of the house it protects.

Claims policy
In this case the owner takes out a policy with the insurance company to protect the house from a series of incidents defined as “claims”. Obviously, in case you have an unwanted event, the insurance company will compensate the owner according to the established ceiling, which is the maximum amount for which the house has been insured. If the damages exceed this amount, the difference is not reimbursed. The higher the ceiling, the higher the annual police payment.

Third party damage
You have insurance on damages that are unintentionally suffered by third parties, whether family members, pets or workers who provide service in the home.

You protect your home from fires caused by short circuits, flames from the chimney or explosions.

Calamitous events
All damage due to weather conditions, such as severe thunderstorms, hail and blizzards or wind.

Theft and Robbery
You protect property that may be stolen as a result of theft. If you have valuable items, some insurance companies have dedicated clauses.

Natural Catastrophes
This is where you secure your home against earthquakes, floods, landslides or other catastrophic phenomena that lead to the complete destruction of your home or substantial damage.

Domestic Accidents
It concerns people and you take out insurance on any injuries that occur inside or outside the home and result in permanent disability.

Maintenance Assistance
You take out a contract to take advantage of a maintenance service in case there are breakdowns and you need an urgent intervention.

Choosing the best insurance coverage means looking for the combination of guarantees offered and the best price charged. The most effective and economical way to do this is to consult an online comparator, which compares the offers of various insurance companies, finding the best one for the customer’s needs. Also going to the classic insurance agencies is always a good option.

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