How can you sell your car quickly for the right price?

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Are you thinking of selling your car and would like to get the best economic advantage possible? With this simple guide we give you some tips that will help you to sell your car quickly and at the right price, without turning to a car dealership.

Let’s start from this assumption: compared to the past, selling a used car today is much easier. On the web, in fact, there are many search engines and aggregators that allow you to do it for free or with really advantageous costs for the publication of a sale announcement.

Selling a car without the support of a car dealership is certainly advantageous when the car in question has already many years of use and therefore has a value well below the market average. In these cases, the dealership could claim a discount on the value that you will propose because, clearly, in reselling your used car they will have to earn.

In order to sell your car quickly at the right price and without rebates, you’ll need to follow some simple recommendations that we have gathered for you from the testimonials of automotive professionals.

What are the most common problems when selling a used car yourself?

First, it’s important to choose the right classifieds platform to post on. Not all platforms have the same degree of reliability so it is always better to go for the platform that is most frequented by users and has the best reviews.
The best platforms usually offer “showcase” and sponsorship services that allow you to advertise your vehicle in exchange for small amounts of money.
This solution is definitely worth considering when you are in a hurry because a good platform and some advertising could drastically reduce the time it takes to sell your car.

What to do before posting the ad

Prepare the vehicle

A clean and well-kept car will definitely give a different image in the eyes of the possible buyer. Taking care of even the smallest details will let the person in front of you know that you have taken care of the car over the years.

Take care to wash the car, wax it and don’t forget to clean the tires and wheels. Even inside, you should try to minimize defects by washing and polishing every little part, from the dashboard to the floor mats. And we recommend that you don’t forget the trunk: those looking for a car look at all the space available.
In the event that pets have climbed into the car, remember to sanitize the car to remove hair and allergens that could annoy your potential buyer.

Take good pictures

Once your car is clean and ready to be appreciated by its next owner, you’ll need to think about the aspect that is most considered within the sale announcement: the photographs.
The more quality and detailed the photographs are in portraying your car, the more you will be able to give aesthetic value to it and make others appreciate it.
In a sale announcement it is very important not to neglect anything: the front and rear, the wheels and rims, the seats, the odometer and the dashboard, the floor mats and the luggage compartment inside. An added plus is the photographs that depict the engine compartment.

Create a complete sale announcement

Now you’re ready to create your sale announcement and we recommend that you take your time, with all the information you need to give a complete picture of the vehicle. Remember that buying a car is an investment and that is why you must provide the potential buyer with the most reliable and complete information.
In the sale announcement you should indicate the year of registration of the car, the number of kilometers driven, the type of transmission (manual or automatic) and the type of fuel.
A very important aspect to take care of is the one reserved to the optional extras present in the car that could make the difference compared to a similar car in other ads.
The most used platforms will help you with targeted questions to make your ad complete, but we recommend that you make a list of the positive aspects of your vehicle.

What is the value of your used car?

The value of your car depends on several factors: the type of car, the mileage, the state of the interior and exterior, etc..
Usually it is advisable to ask an expert for a quotation specifically designed for your car, but if you do not have the opportunity to do it, you can always do a search. Consulting different portals and websites you can look for used cars similar to yours and find out the estimated market value. From that you can assess the price to be attributed to your car.
Our advice is not to play down or up, keep in mind the value you want to get and estimate the price realistically.

We are sure that with these steps you can get the most from your sale and you can sell your car quickly at the right price, without depreciation.

Published: 2021-10-29From: Redazione

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