Pet insurance: here’s why it’s important to have it

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These days we are all looking for savings, especially on those goods and services that are necessary or required by law. In order to find the best policy available, many people rely on the various insurance comparators available online. Before the emergence of comparators, people who wanted to get a quote for their insurance were forced to go to each company’s website or rely on their agent. So, this innovation has certainly “streamlined” and speeded up the work: with a few clicks, you can now have dozens of quotes for each company, sorted by price.

Why is it worthwhile?

When considering cat or dog insurance, cost and type of cover are two very important elements to consider.

In this guide, we’ll take you through all the details that you’ll usually find in a pet policy, such as what events it covers and how it works. We’ll also explain how much it costs to insure a dog and why it’s worthwhile taking out a policy for your cat. We’ll give you a clear and complete picture so that you can compare the various offers and help you find the best cat and dog policy for your peace of mind and the safety of your four-legged friends.

Although they are ‘only’ in fourth and fifth place in terms of diffusion, the data reveal that it is dogs and cats that hold the record in terms of expenses incurred by owners: food, vaccines and veterinary services in first place. While in most cases the expenditure relates to treats, toys and accessories, veterinary costs (especially unforeseen ones) have a major impact on the family budget, which is why it is often preferable to take out cat and dog health insurance.

Health insurance for dogs and cats

Pet health insurance is an insurance contract that pet owners take out to receive financial support in the event of damage or accidents involving (or caused by) their dog or cat, or to meet unexpected veterinary expenses. There are different types of pet insurance, which differ in terms of the maximum sum insured, the type of cover and the associated supplementary services. In order to understand which type of policy is best suited to your needs, it is important to assess the main points of cat and dog insurance: what it covers and how it works.

How does it work?

Health insurance for dogs and cats works exactly like a normal insurance policy for the family and is taken out by the owner, who is responsible for the animal.

  • Before signing the insurance contract, the owner can choose between various formulas and can decide whether or not to sign up to a number of optional guarantees depending on the cover he wishes to obtain.
  • The price is generally very low and can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • A further element to consider when choosing a policy is the maximum amount of cover, which is the maximum amount that the insurance company can provide to cover damage or veterinary expenses incurred for the insured animal. Very often, in fact, insurance policies for pure-bred cats and dogs stipulate a higher maximum sum than for mixed-breed dogs and cats.

What does it cover?

As mentioned above, pet insurance can have more or less extensive coverage depending on the insurance agency chosen and the specific formula taken out.

  • In general, when taking out dog or cat insurance, veterinary expenses, operations and diagnostic tests are the first covers required as they protect the owner from unforeseen expenses which, in this area, very often prove to be costly. In some cases, these insurances are linked to agreed veterinary circuits or zoological associations.
  • Veterinary medical care for dogs and cats is also considered an added value when taking out a policy. Some pet insurance policies include veterinary advice and referrals to veterinary centres and clinics while travelling.
  • Among the possible covers, there is also dog and cat liability, which is useful if the insured pet causes damage to objects or third parties.
  • The cover can be further supplemented with cat and dog legal assistance, which is useful to protect the owner financially if he has to hire a professional in case of an accident or damage involving a cat or dog.

Given the many possible variables, it is a good idea to read the contract carefully before taking out a policy and find out what type of benefits are covered, whether coverage is available abroad, the limits imposed (such as the age of the animal) and the maximum reimbursement limit.

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