Changing electricity and gas operator: procedures, times and costs

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Despite the fact that you have been frugal in your use of electricity, the last bill you received for your electricity and gas supply was very high?Many people think that changing electricity and gas supplier is rather complicated. However, contrary to popular belief, activating a new gas and electricity offer is easier than it sounds.

How to compare tariffs

How do you find the best offer for your consumption habits? The answer is by relying on the many comparison services available online.

Just as there are many sites that allow you to compare tariffs for ADSL, fibre optics and mobile phones, there are also sites dedicated to electricity tariffs. Simply visit them, fill in a form relating to your consumption habits and you get a list of rates that should be ideal for your needs.

How to change gas and electricity operator

There is no such thing as the best gas-light tariff, there is the most advantageous tariff based on your needs and your consumption style, which is reflected in your bill. In addition, after a while your tariff is no longer competitive because a new operator has appeared on the free market or new offers have been launched that are better suited to your needs: if you compare all the offers you can really save money.

The various regulations on the free energy market facilitate free competition mechanisms and seek to minimise the difficulties involved in changing gas and electricity supplier. The customer has the full right to choose the energy supplier offering the best contractual conditions.

Once you have chosen the electricity and/or gas offer that best suits your needs, all you have to do is activate another supply with the energy company you have chosen. In fact, the latter is called upon to replace the old supplier in all respects.

As soon as the new electricity and gas contract is signed, it is the new energy provider that has to inform the previous one of the termination of the old supply contract.

All technical-administrative matters are taken care of by the new supplier so that the customer does not have to deal with anything.

Electricity and gas bill payments

If you choose to pay your electricity and gas bills direct to a bank or credit card, there is no security deposit for customers in the protected service.

For deregulated market customers, the option of domiciliation and the payment of the security deposit are optional and vary according to the contract.

Freedom of choice in the market only concerns the operators selling energy, while it is not possible to change the operator ensuring the distribution of energy, through lines, to homes.

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