How to get a bank account or credit card online while saving money?

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As your friend may have already told you, online current accounts are an excellent way to carry out the “classic” operations that can be carried out at home when you go to the bank, such as checking account statements, making transfers, topping up mobile phone credit or pre-paid cards, paying bills, etc.

Doing these things from home, thanks to home banking, instead of going to your bank’s branch, offers several advantages: first of all, you save a lot of time, since you don’t have to physically go to the bank and queue to do a certain operation and then, perhaps more importantly, online current accounts usually have zero or very low charges.

Still trying to find out which online current account is right for you? Well, take your time and read the next few paragraphs carefully and you’ll see that you’ve found the right online account for you!

Comparison of bank accounts

The comparison of online and traditional bank accounts is a completely free service.

Comparators compare the different current account offers on the market, differentiated by profile: minors, young people, families or pensioners, but also by age between minors and over 60s.

Once you have found the most suitable and cheapest option, a simple click will connect you to the site dedicated to the bank account offer you have chosen. Here you will find both its summary and the possibility of activating the desired promotion, all, again, with a simple click.

Online bank accounts are bank accounts and deposit accounts that can be opened directly via the web. They are just as secure as traditional accounts but have lower costs.

Save on management costs!

Do you want to save and earn money at the same time? An online account is often cheaper than a traditional account because it has no bank charges and allows a higher current account yield on the amounts deposited.

Comparators give you an up-to-date and instant overview of the best online accounts for you with considerable savings opportunities and compare other services such as credit cards.

Free credit cards: do they really exist?

There are now a great many free, no-cost credit cards, i.e. ‘account cards’ that have no annual fee.

Credit cards as well as debit cards are in constant use nowadays.

This is because they are very easy to use, have state-of-the-art security systems and above all are accepted by almost all merchants.

Now you are probably wondering: is it possible that a credit card is really free of charge and there are no hidden costs?

In order for you to get at least one of the best free credit cards, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Having a bank account
  • Not being among bad payers

Of course, all these conditions are not necessary if you want to have a prepaid card.

How does the credit card work and what is the ceiling?

Balance credit card: as you may have noticed, this is the most common type of card as it deducts everything you have purchased (including goods and services) in a month in a single sum.

Generally, the bank counts within the first 15 days after you have made the purchases.

The only ‘constraint’, if you can call it that, is that each month you have a certain budget that you cannot exceed, and once the month is up you have to pay back the money without any interest.

Ceiling: the ceiling of a credit card is nothing other than the maximum threshold that can be reached in a month. Once this amount has been exceeded, the card cannot be used and you will have to wait another month before you can use it. The ceiling of a prepaid card indicates the maximum amount that can be recharged.

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