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Speaking of the main characteristics of a running shoe, the foot position is the one that most influences the quality and long-term comfort of the shoe. There are shoes for pronators, supinators and neutrals. Neutral stance is the classic heel-to-calf stance. The pronated stance is when one tends to rest the inner part of the sole of the foot, in the direction of the big toe. Supinator, on the other hand, rests the outer part. This means that each model of running shoe has specific characteristics that not only prevent sprains, but also adjust and support the posture. Furthermore, when it comes to running shoes, one thinks that cushioning at heel height is everything. In addition to providing momentum, it absorbs part of the effort and restores performance. And this is true, but only in part. Few know that a sole that cushions too much can, over time, cause the perception of impact and thrust between the heel and the ground to be lost, leading to a reduction in tone.
A running shoe, to maintain the same qualities as when it was purchased, should be changed every 600/800 km. Tread and mesh wear will show when it is time for a new pair.
The trend in recent years, in terms of materials, is ethyl venyl acetate or polyurethane. These are lightweight foam materials that take the shape of the foot without deforming and, above all, without squeezing it, affecting circulation and comfort. Just under the heel, in what we might vulgarly call the ‘heel’, pressurised gas is used a lot. Although for years now many brands have been preferring gelatinous silicone. This is for stride absorption. The sole, on the other hand, continues to be, as it has been for a long time, made of plastic and carbon. This last element significantly increases the durability of the shoe, which would otherwise be worn out in the tread, although still perfect in the shoe structure.
Speaking of fashion, even running shoes, as has long been the case with trainers or fitness shoes, are coming out of the limbo of monochrome or excessive decorative sobriety. Brands are increasingly pushing fluorescent colours, metallic and chrome effects, gaudy stitching and choreographic rubber applications. This is so that the sportsman can choose footwear not only for the technical characteristics he needs, but also for an aesthetic that expresses his character, style and personality.

The latest trends on men’s running shoes

For men, to be honest, exactly the same indications of the above-mentioned models as for women’s shoes would apply, simply in the men’s version. But prices range from $ 160 to $ 240. For men’s shoes, too, the trend seems to be cushioning and snapping. But in the men’s sector it seems that the big manufacturers are also investing heavily in strength and durability.

Fitness sneakers shoes for running

Nike, for example, has placed so much emphasis on durability that with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 it has created a shoe that is hyper-durable, in structure and tread materials, and with excellent cushioning. But they turn out to be poorly breathable, narrow and even too heavy. An indestructible shoe unsuitable for fast runs and long distances.
So it is true that the market offers increasingly robust shoes, but you have to know how to find the most ‘successful’ model. For example, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22, as well as having an almost indestructible sole, cushioning and overpronation. Not particularly suitable for fast running, but very good for everything else. Another immortal shoe is the Asics Gel Nimbus 24, tough and resistant, it cushions while giving stability to the heel (something that good cushioning does not always do). The only flaw? A cost that is perhaps a tad high (but on balance, given their durability and performance, quite justified).

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