The Top List of sectorial Search Engines

The Top List of sectorial Search Engines
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If, on one hand, search engines can grant us access to an almost infinite amount of information about any sector or topic, on the other hand, the number of sectorial search engines dedicated to specific targets and topics is increasing. 

The needs of users, in fact, are increasingly oriented towards specific areas of knowledge, and precisely because of a large amount of information available, there is a growing need to create more circumstantial and specialized search environments, allowing an easier retrieval of information related to specific fields and areas. 

From search engines for gamers to those dedicated to children, today the web counts hundreds of new search engines of this type and some, more than others, have distinguished themselves for their effectiveness and specificity.

Let’s see some of them.

Search engines for work

The digitization of businesses has had a significant impact on the way companies look at human resources. In fact, there are many portals for the publication and search of job ads that put supply and demand in contact to speed up the recruiting process and the insertion of new personnel in the company. Among the most used we find:

Vacation search engines

In the last decade, the business of travel agencies has suffered a collapse due to the birth and multiplication of search engines aimed at the organization of vacations and travel of all kinds. These are true aggregators of services in which it is possible to identify the best offers for stays, flights, and travel solutions among the thousands of options offered by the market. Among the search engines for hotels and stays, in 2021 the most used are certainly:

Search engines for gamers

With a market worth a total of $159.3 billion in 2020 (and still growing), the gaming industry has always played a prominent role in technological evolution. Millions of people passionate about the sector have joined together in real communities with specific needs, including the need to experience new gaming challenges and new technologies. This is why search engines are born with technical specifications based on the needs of gamers. Particular attention deserve:

Search Engines for Kids

Search engines for cars

Used or zero mileage cars, commercial vehicles, campers, caravans and other vehicles: car search engines are born to present the user with the best aggregation of products corresponding to the selected search filters. A valuable tool that contributes to the growth and continuity of the automotive sector worldwide and that helps people to find the right answer to their mobility needs in a vast market.

Search engines for children

The digital evolution and the most recent developments of the web have put more attention on the theme of the usability of the internet by children. However, since the birth of the Internet and search engines, solutions have been developed for children in which they are free to become familiar with computer tools and at the same time be protected from the many dangers of the Web. Among the most used we find:

This is obviously a non-exhaustive list of sectorial search engines and the evolution in this field is really surprising. And if it’s really such a growing market, what will be the new search engine frontier?

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