The latest trends in watches for women

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The world of watches has always had a timeless appeal, as we are talking about an accessory that can complete the look and make it unique and special with just one detail.
There are numerous classic models that still fascinate lovers of this jewel, starting with the wide dial and leather strap for casual men, and ending with the jewel link visible on the wrists of many women of all ages.
Then, in recent months, the fashion for smartwatches has become increasingly popular, combining mobile phone-like functionality with aesthetics worthy of the most iconic models.
It is therefore impossible to indicate just one trend, but to trace several profiles of must-have watches, all united by the choice of excellent quality materials and elegant, refined lines, suitable for specific occasions or more versatile in terms of combinations.

The latest trends for women’s watches

Stylish watch for women

The watch is a real piece of jewellery for women, comparable to a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that make the face stand out.
The new trend for this year foresees a return to the prominent strap for traditional models and feminine customisation for the latest generation smartphones.
Let’s look in detail at the features to look for in order to be fashionable.

Strap materials

Compared to the past, the women’s watches now use the simpler, more casual leather strap less in favour of the small, thin link model.
Its dimensions are smaller than in the past, with the dial acting as the focus but without relegating the strap to a mere comprimario.
Shimmering metals are used, in tones of silver, yellow gold and especially pink gold, which lends a touch of originality to a very feminine model.
Next season’s watch is therefore transformed into a kind of additional bracelet, which complements other jewellery worn on the same wrist.
For the clasp, the brands consider a snap fastener to be best and not the classic loops of the past.
As far as the smartwatch is concerned, the strap is usually made of durable rubber, able to withstand wear and tear and very easy to clean, even in light colours such as the very trendy soft pink.The dial

The dial

In recent years, women are expected to wear bracelet watches with a rather large but flat dial, so that it is clearly visible but without being disproportionate to the delicate hand.
The interior follows the rose gold trend in most cases, so why not follow the fashion and choose cream, powder pink, off-white or light beige?
Very interesting are the decorated versions promoted by some emerging brands, with floral or themed decorations, to be selected according to one’s personality
In fact, the modern philosophy calls for maximum customisation of the accessory, which must be able to speak of the person and bring out their uniqueness as opposed to the usual standards.
Most of the models in circulation, such as those by Fossil or Michael Kors, opt for a rounded shape and classic hands, while more future-oriented brands combine the digital format with classic lines.
The dial of the smartwatch retains its square shape but is rounded on the sides, because in addition to aesthetics in this case, functionality and the ability to use all the apps with immediate display is important.

Digital or traditional?

The choice of this parameter depends on personal inclinations and the type of situation in which one has to participate.
As far as leisure and work are concerned, the woman does not disdain a smartwatch with a coloured strap, possibly to match the outfit, and a dial finished in light tones, so that she always has her style under control.
For a glamorous and formal dinner or event, it is better to resort to the models of the past, revisited with a larger dial and embellished with gems and details, such as small diamonds or cubic zirconia around the crown to give light.

Published: 2022-12-04From: Elisa

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