The latest trends in running shoes for women

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The focus on running shoes, and the choice of the right model, is growing from year to year. Until recently there was a widespread idea that a shoe used purely for running was the same thing as a running shoe. This is partly true, but only partly, and we will see why in a moment. Specifically, however, running shoes have specific characteristics for the runner. The right pair can give great advantages in running, just as the wrong pair can even detract from performance. This is because running shoes need to have the right sole based on how we place our foot, the width of our pelvis, our posture and, finally, being subjected to high continuous stress, a higher resistance and solidity. A simple gym shoe often lacks the attention to detail that makes the difference for runners. But it must also be said that running shoes, on their own account, can be (and frequently are) very valid for other gymnastic activities, so much so that they are adopted as fitness shoes by those who, although not running, practise other sports (fitness and crossfit above all).

Women’s running shoe trends

Women’s running shoes have not always existed, except in aesthetics that could appeal more to generic female tastes. In principle, they were all unisex.

Running shoes for women

So why the running shoe for women? It’s easy to say: with the increase in technical accuracies, in terms of materials, fit and posture, the physicality of the runner was placed more and more at the centre of attention. It goes without saying that since women have a narrower pelvic bone structure, they have had to resort to a shoe that performs to this aspect. For the rest, they tend to be lighter and designed for a fit that meets the line of the female foot, which is less ‘stocky’ than the male foot. In any case, many women still prefer men’s running shoes to women’s shoes.
The running shoes for women that are currently in vogue place a lot of emphasis (sometimes too much) on cushioning. With prices ranging from 150 $ to 190 $, we find shoes that have made cushioning a real mission! We have already mentioned how cushioning is important but can be detrimental in the long run. Undoubtedly, however, the performance of a cushioned shoe gives a boost to performance that can sometimes be considerable. We recommend opting for these shoes for competitions or for not entirely continuous use, perhaps alternating them with others for routine daily training. Among the best shoes that focus heavily on cushioning are the Asics Gel-Kayano 27, which use two different types of foam between the toe and heel to balance the thrust. They might be a little above average in weight at 249g, but you will gladly pay the price of the challenge for such good cushioning performance.
The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v11 is another shoe that focuses on cushioning and thrust and has a low weight of 229g on its side. The wide, rounded toe box does offer more space to the toe, but may not be comfortable for everyone. Worth a try. Finally, the Adidas Ultraboost 21, practically flawless! The only flaw might be in the actually squat and full-bodied line that doesn’t meet everyone’s taste.

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