Christmas and New Year holidays: how to find the best deals

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With the first chill of autumn knocking at the door and summer now only a vivid memory, Christmas holiday planning becomes a priority for those who like to travel during the end-of-year festivities.

However, even if you haven’t yet chosen your destination, you have to start wondering when is the best time to book your Christmas or New Year’s holidays in order not to risk incurring too high prices to organise your desired stay. According to experts in the sector, planning the Christmas holidays well in advance will make it possible to save a considerable amount of money both in terms of booking travel, especially by plane, and accommodation and services.

Christmas and New Year holidays: when is the best time to book?

Every year, once you have left behind the summer and the memories of fun and excitement spent on holiday by the sea, the onset of the first cold weather immediately brings to mind a question: where to go on holiday in December over the Christmas period?

Whether you prefer tropical destinations and beaches or snowy Alpine peaks for a family ski holiday, organising Christmas holidays has become a must for most people. However, every year many people wonder when is the best time to book their travel and accommodation without having to deal with the exorbitant figures that are often concentrated during the Christmas holidays.

Experts in the tourism and travel sector, as they do every season, offer with their holiday reports valuable hints and tips on how to plan your Christmas holidays and save money, starting with finding the best time to book. Travellers are usually divided into those who choose to book last-minute holidays, taking advantage of last-minute packages and offers, and those who make sure to book well in advance.

However, the reality lies somewhere in between: surveys claim that the best time to book a Christmas holiday is between 23 November and 9 December, a time window that would allow savings of over 15% on the booking even compared to the price obtained by booking more than 90 days in advance of the departure date. This result shows that in times of pandemic, bookings within the month before departure tend to be the safest and most appropriate.

Facilities: traditional hotel or family hotel?

Those who choose the seaside often opt for a holiday village: in this case it is better to get detailed information about the structure and its capacity to accommodate children before leaving.

There is a wider and more diversified choice in the mountains: hotels, especially in the Alps, have well-established traditions and most are equipped to meet the needs of children. The novelty is represented by the family hotels, small hotels or agritourism farms that put the place and the peculiarities of the owners at the centre of the holiday, whose initiatives are aimed at discovering the surrounding nature, the animals, the skills of the local craftsmen. Here, families with babies will find everything they need for a comfortable and relaxing holiday: cots and cots for babies and toddlers, ad hoc equipment both in the private bathrooms and in the common areas, play areas and, by reservation, a baby sitting service.

How to find the best rates?

As with other telephone, electricity and gas tariffs, you can also rely on price comparators. You can find a wide range of accommodation and hotels all over the world, from cheap rooms in B&Bs or budget hotels to suites in luxury hotels.

Simply enter your arrival and departure dates to see all the accommodation available in the main cities and resorts. For each property you will find room rates, location on the map, photos, services and user reviews to help you make your choice.

Why choose a price comparator?

  • Search offers on the best travel portals and find the cheapest price
  • You can find on one page thousands of reviews left by customers on the most popular travel booking portals.
  • Allows you to book your hotel on the site of your choice
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